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Clinten O'neal

As a Real Estate entrepreneur and investor, Clinten has helped hundreds of homeowners by providing solutions to their Real Estate challenges.

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Our Team

Clinten O’ Neal and Landon Stokoe are the proud founders of Nevada Help Group. Clinten and Landon have spent numerous hours dissecting and analyzing real estate strategies that can better assist troubled homeowners to improve their real estate situations. Clinten has worked tirelessly to create the perfect team of real estate professionals that share their vision so that the homeowner’s needs always come first.


Clinten, Landon and the team personally work with homeowners to resolve their real estate challenges in any way they can. With continuous dedication and a will to creatively resolve real estate problems, they have helped countless homeowners move past their real estate challenges and on to a more hopeful stage in their lives.

With the help of a growing team, they continue to assist homeowners in distress and improve lives one door at a time.

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