Nevada Help Group is a team of independent business owners dedicated to assisting homeowners with real estate challenges. Our founders Clinten O’Neal and Michael Huntsman have a vision to help homeowners in distress and have established a wide network of resources in the last 5 years. We have access to real estate professionals that tackle issues such as foreclosure, probate, and more.


As a team, we work together with homeowners in complete transparency and walk them through the challenging real estate situation they are facing. We directly negotiate with banks and assist homeowners with any necessary applications.


Our sole purpose is to help homeowners save their homes through the exhaustion of all retention options available. In the event that home retention is not possible, we are there to help homeowners stay in control of the sale process. In most cases, we have been able to qualify homeowners for relocation assistance even when they were upside down in their homes.

At Nevada Help Group, we want our homeowners to move on from this difficult time with ease which is why we make it a priority to improve their credit that is currently being inhibited by their real estate situation. 

Help us, Help you!

As a nonprofit organization, Nevada Help Group is here to help homeowners in need completely free of charge. We understand that losing a home is hard enough; that is why our services are designed to guide homeowners through the overwhelming process without any more unnecessary worry. We are here to reach out and provide homeowners with the helping hand they are entitled to. As Nevada Help Group, we aim to protect our homeowners whether it is by preventing home loss or by keeping them in control as it is happening. Just as the bank has an army of professionals, we believe our homeowners should have an army of people to help fight back.

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