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The Nevada Help Group is a team of independent business owners who have come together as consumer advocates with a vision to help homeowners with real estate challenges, including pending foreclosure.


We aim to provide homeowners with FREE, no commitment  resources to keep their homes and solve their real estate challenges.

Through our organization, homeowners have FREE and low-cost access to:

  • document preparation assistance, 

  • a real estate attorney,

  • probate filing, and

  • real estate agents and investors that can tackle virtually any type of real estate problem caused by foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, abandonment, distress, and more.


We work together with homeowners to walk them through the challenging process of Foreclosure Loss Mitigation.


Our purpose is to help homeowners save their homes through the exhaustion of all retention options available. In the event that home retention is not possible, we are there to help homeowners stay in control of the sale process by providing solutions that benefit them instead of the bank. In most cases, we have been able to qualify homeowners for relocation assistance, even when they were upside down in their homes.

At Nevada Help Group, we want our homeowners to move on from this difficult time with ease. Which is why we made it a priority to provide homeowners FREE assistance in avoiding all the negative ramifications foreclosure can have on their credit, lifestyle and dignity. 

Help us, Help you!

As a nonprofit organization, Nevada Help Group is here to help homeowners in need.


We understand that losing a family member or job is hard enough, but when your home is in danger, it can be overwhelming.

Our support services are designed to safely guide homeowners through these overwhelming challenges without unnecessary worry.

It's best to compile all of the documentation you have available.


Write down all of your questions.


We're here to get you answers.


Call, text, email, or use the button above to schedule your time to meet with the appropriate advocate for your unique needs. Just as the bank has an army of professionals, we believe our homeowners should have an army of professionals on their side too!

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